Build Green With Recycled Glass

Specific Gravity 2.50
Approx. 80 lbs/cu. ft.
Hardness Approx. 6.0 (Mohs)
Conductivity 73 micro-mho/cm
Chlorides <.0002%
Shape Angular to sub-angular
Embedment at 100 psi 0.0% to 0.4%
Wt. Change on Ignition -0.17%
Softening Point Approx. 1350°F

Typical Composition

SiO2—73%;   Na2O—14%;   CaO—10%;   MgO—<1%;   Al2O3—<1%;   SO3—<1%

Product No.
U.S. Sieve Mesh Size
MIL Profile
-10m +50m
3.0 - 4.0
A versatile blend of sizes for depainting and rust removal on tanks, bridges, shipyards, with better scouring npower for corners, pits and weld seams.
-14m +60m
2.5 - 3.5
This workhorse blend is a great general abrasive for most depainting and rust removal, as well as blasting concrete for aggregate exposure, shipyard work, structural steel and tanks, etc.  Excellent for elastomeric coatings.
-25m +70m
1.5 - 2.5
Remarkably fast and aggressive for all types of finer blasting requiring a smooth, clean finish.  Makes a good surface for powder coating.
Super Fine
-60m +90m
Lighter duty fine blasting on substrates requiring minimal etching or profile such as aluminum or fiberglass.  Excellent for cleaning welds and bolt heads, spot cleaning and restoration work.


Qualified for
Mil-A-22262 B(SH)

Certified for California Air Resources Board

NIOSH Report: Evaluation of Substitute Materials for Silica Sand in Abrasive Blasting


Technical Bulletin VG-001: Superior Abrasive Blasting

Technical Bulletin VG-002: Sandblasting with Pressure Washers

Build Green With Recycled Glass

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